Expert’s answer: Coriolis Smart Meter Verification

Of course! You can run Emerson’s Coriolis Smart Meter Verification (SMV) a variety of ways, with the easiest on the local display. When you run the verification on the local display, it should tell you if the flow meter passed or failed.

You can also do the verification through the plant asset management (PAM) system. If you have the device description of the flow meter in your database, then you can run the SMV through your PAM system.

The AMS Suite and ProLink are two examples of tools that can run the SMV. They both can give you reports on the flow meter conditions with trending results over time.

Coriolis Smart Meter Verification
SMART Meter Verification – Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

If you want more information about the SMV, check out this video:

And want more information on flow meter verification? If so, check out these alternatives on the market:

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