Expert’s Answer: How to use Datalogger MCS-XV

That’s a solid question. One of the MCS-XV most practical features is the datalogger. You might already be familiar with this tool. If not, I will do a brief introduction on it.

Let’s Talk about the MCS-XV

The MCS-XV allows you to record measurements over time and display the data acquired in chart or table format. For those who have no idea how to do it, we are gonna show you now.

To record the measurements you should go to the Calibrator menu from the home screen of your MCS-XV. In here you can see your input and output signal, with the selector you can choose the proper signal to be read. Also, there is the option to set a special function. For example, you can choose to create a step or ramp in the output signal.

Presys MCS-XV
Courtesy of PRESYS

By accessing the P menu you can obtain these measurements and put them on a chart. The P menu is denoted by a blue, capital letter P with a red and green stripe. In this P menu, select the option Data Logger. Now, the calibrator will automatically start the measurements and display each measurement point in a chart. However, the MCS-XV is only displaying the measurements. In order to save them, just hit the REC button on the top right of your screen. By doing so, the MCS-XV will save all points (measurement and time) to an internal file.

To access these files, first configure them and export them. Next just access the CONFIG menu beside the REC button. Here you can edit your chart to look any way you like. You have the option to change line thickness, background color, sampling rate and so on. If you hit the SHEET button you can also see them in a table format with date and time. Don’t worry, the measurement values will be there too!

Answer Time!

And here it comes, the answer for your question! First, hit the save button. This will bring you to a landing page where you can indicate file name and where you want to save your file. Here you can also create a .CSV file and export the data you recorded to an excel file. The MCS-XV saves all the files to the internal SD card of the calibrator. However, if a USB stick is connected to the MCS-XV you can save them there as well.

Besides the CSV file, you can also export images of the charts by clicking in the IMAGE menu. In this way, you save the charts to the internal SD card as PNG files.

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