The difference between PROFINET and PROFIBUS communication protocols is far from obvious. In my opinion, PROFINET is superior PROFIBUS, but I will tell you why so you can make up your own mind about it.

PROFIBUS vs PROFINET communication protocols

PROFIBUS is a traditional and classic digital communication protocol based on serial communication. PROFINET is a new alternative, based on Industrial Ethernet.

DigiGate Profibus

Profibus DP/ Modbus RTU Gateway

If I need to summarize my answer, I would say that PROFINET supports faster communication with more bandwidth. That means that the message will be larger than with PROFIBUS. This spreadsheet compares the two communication protocols. It offers a good overview of the differences between PROFIBUS and PROFINET:

Difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET
Courtesy of PROFIBUS International

A good thing about PROFINET is that you can use communication with proprietary wireless communication. So, you can transmit a message wirelessly without a problem. PROFINET is based on standard Ethernet, so you can use WIFI and Bluetooth if you want.

To know more about PROFIBUS and PROFINET, please ask our engineers!

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