Expert’s answer: The difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET

Good question! In fact, the difference between PROFINET and PROFIBUS is definitely not clear to everyone. In short, my opinion is that PROFINET is better than PROFIBUS. Just kidding (don’t blame me in the comments)! So, here’s what you need to know about the difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET…

Basically, PROFIBUS is a traditional and classic digital protocol based on the serial communication. But a newer option is PROFINET, a new protocol based on the Industrial Ethernet.

If I need to summarize my answer, I would say that PROFINET supports a faster communication with more bandwidth. That means that the message will be larger than for PROFIBUS.

Below is a spreadsheet with a comparison between both protocols (c: PROFIBUS Association). It offers a good overview of the differences between PROFIBUS and PROFINET:

Difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET
Courtesy of PROFIBUS International

A good thing about the PROFINET is that you can use the communication with proprietary wireless communication. So, you can transmit a message wirelessly without a problem. The fact of the PROFINET is a standard Ethernet, so you can use WIFI and Bluetooth if you want.

Further information

If you want to learn more about PROFINET we came across an introductory course. You can check it out and sign up on the link below.

Below, I’ve listed some companies that are experts at creating PROFIBUS and PROFINET projects worldwide:

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