Expert’s answer: Differential pressure transmitter applied in a level measurement

Before anything else, there’s something you should know: There are better technologies than a differential pressure transmitter on the market today that you can use for level measurement.

However, you need to figure out your budget for your application. That way, you can figure out if a differential pressure transmitter will provide you with enough information and if the accuracy is enough for your application.

Differential pressure transmitter
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against applying a differential pressure transmitter in level measurement. Though I do believe that you have better options today. But for example, the density is a critical point when we talk about the level measurement using a differential pressure transmitter. If you haven’t changed the density values, this could be a good reason to use the DP transmitter.

The other point is the installation of the transmitter:

With the seal pot and the capillary, you can increase the level measurement’s risk for errors. That said, you have electronic differential pressure level transmitters today. When you use them, you don’t need to have seal pot or a capillary. So with this option, you avoid the old problems.

On the negative side, the electronic differential pressure transmitters are limited in terms of temperature. So depending on the application, you might not be able to implement this kind of technology.

If you still believe that differential pressure is the right solution for your application after reading these above-listed points, you have a list of DP pressure transmitter below. And, if you’re more interested in radars, I listed some of those, too!

List of companies with DP transmitters:

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