Solid question, the Promag P 300 is among some of the better magmeters on the market. The procedure to setup the information on the display is relatively simple. There are however, a couple different ways to do this. For example, you can go through the local buttons or the digital protocol. In this article, I’m gonna explain the method using the web server.

Display information on the PROMAG P 300

Let’s get down to business! There is a lot of information on the PROMAG P 300 display. Even more so, the flow meter provides 4 different ways to display the information on the screen. For example, you can have only the value or a bar graph with the value. Furthermore, you can show 2 different values or a value-large plus two values. Accessing these functions is straightforward as well.

Setting up the PROMAG P display

On the Promag display, go the principal menu using the local buttons and select the option display/operation. In display/operation, you need to click on display. At this time you will see 4 choices. As I have mentioned before the choices will be 1 value, max; Bargr+1 value, 2 values, and Val. large+2 values.

My tip here is to figure out which one is better for your local visualization and select that option. If an operator is responsible for viewing this information, you should ask them how they want their display set up. Depending on the format, you will have a bunch of information available to show, such as Volume flow, mass flow, flow velocity, corrected volume flow, totalizer, current output and so on.

If you want to setup the display through the web server, you will need to have an ethernet cable and a laptop to connect it. The factory setting IP is and the access code is 0000. Don’t worry you can change both of these numbers afterwards. The user experience setting up the device through the web server is outstanding. You won’t have any problems navigating through the menu because the options are the same on the web server.


Below you have a video with more information about Promag P from Endress+Hauser:

If you would like to know more about the display information on the Promag P, feel free to contact our experts.

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