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Oh man, you are right! The display of VIVACE VTT10-F has a bit more information than normal. Kudos to VIVACE. The device has many fields with different functions and settings. Let’s break it down for you.

The Display Symbols

To start we should look at the display and divide it by section. First off look at the top of your screen. The top part is where the symbols are.

There is an electronic wave looking symbol with two arrows around it. The device is in the process of sending communication when the wave symbol has two upwards arrows. If the arrows are downwards, it means it is receiving communication.

Courtesy of VIVACE

Next, there is the lock symbol. This symbol lets you know that write protection is enabled on your device.

There is also the square root symbol. This symbol’s function is to tell you that the square root function on your device is enabled.

Hmmm… Personally, an application where you need a square root function doesn’t come to mind… If you know one, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Maybe they will use the same display for DP transmitters in the future? That’s my guess at least.

Besides the square root symbol, you will find a “tab” symbol. The tab symbol lets you know that the characterization table function is enabled.

Conveniently, there is warning symbol. When the warning symbol is illuminated you know a diagnosis is being performed on your device.

Last but not least, we have the recommended maintenance symbol. This symbol indicates that your device may be in need of some care.

Numerical and Alphanumerical Fields – VIVACE  VTT10-F

Next up you have the Numerical field with 5 digits. It displays the monitored variable. In short, the value can be a primary value (PV), a secondary value (SV), or the current value (CUR). Lastly, you have the option to view the value as the primary value displayed as a percentage (PV%).

Courtesy of VIVACE

Equally important, is that Alphanumerical field. Take a look below the Numerical field and you will find the Alphanumerical field. Here is where you will find the local adjustment menu and can navigate through it. Oh, almost forgot! Equally important, the arrows up and down on the side of the Alphanumerical field mean increment or decrement of values in the local adjustment.

Bargraph Field VIVACE  VTT10-F

The last field is a Bargraph field. This field indicates the measured variable range.

Let That Sink In!

A lot of information on a display right? As I have noted, you can always refer back to the manual if you feel a bit lost.

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