Oh no, not an electromagnetic flow meter for a partially filled pipe! Disaster! Okay, not really. Yes, usually you should have a full pipe for the ectromagnetic flow meter to measure the flow accurately. If you don’t, then most suppliers want you to change the setup of the flow meter or the pipe structure. Yeah, I know, not always a walk in the park, right?

Magmeter for partially filled pipe
Magmeter – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Anyway, the companies want you to install their devices on vertical pipes with the flow going up. Why? Because this setup practically guarantees a full or empty pipe! They like guarantees. Fewer fussy customers.

Still, if you can’t install the meter in a vertical pipe and you have problems keeping your pipe filled, all is not lost. We can find a solution for you, although it does need a bit of extra work and material. So take a look:

Partially filled pipe solution
Magmeter – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

See? With just a little adjustment, you can fake a full pipe!

Also, despite all the doomsaying, you can find meters on the market that use partially filled pipes. However, you gotta check ’em first; don’t just grab and go. Good luck, compadre!

Electromagnetic flow meters for partially filled pipes

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Still wondering what electromagnetic flow meter you should use for your partially filled pipe? Give us a call.

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