Expert’s answer: How to access the Emerson 3308 echo curve

Usually, the basic specs of the Emerson 3308 will give you a stable level measurement. However, you can use the Emerson 3308 echo curve as a troubleshooting tool where you get a view of the tank signal. So if you want to access the echo curve from the home screen:

Service Tools > Echo Tuning > Echo Curve

Emerson 3308 echo curve
Courtesy of Emerson

You can also access the echo curve through plant asset management software or a handheld. If you have interference in your level measurement, you’ll need to set up the thresholds. However, the default setup should do in most cases.

The signal amplitude thresholds separate the measurement from disturbing echoes and noise.

Threshold Principle
Threshold principle – courtesy of Emerson

Radar level meters on the market:

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