Having trouble with the Endress+Hauser FMP51 output signal and need to fix it? OK, no problem! If you already checked the output signal to the control room, it sounds like at least the cables between the control room and the field device are fine. That’s because you always need to check your physical conditions first.

Since we know the cables are good, the Endress+Hauser FMP51 output signal error probably comes from the Levelflex configuration. You can use the FMP operations instructions, but I recommend FieldCare or DeviceCare to make the process easier; these programs offer setup wizards to get you right into the configuration. You’ll need to register on the website to complete the downloads.

Once you have those downloaded, you’ll need to set them up for your radar. You may want to use the expert settings, but for most applications the standard configuration will do.

Make sure you have the following specs to do the basic configuration:

Endress+Hauser FMP51 output signal
Configuration parameters for level measurements in liquids
  • LN = Length of probe
  • R = Reference point of the measurement
  • D = Distance
  • E = Empty calibration (zero point)
  • L = Level
  • F = Full calibration (span)

Now you’re ready to begin. First, set up your unit. If your device has an interface measurement package available, select the operation mode. If not, move on to choose the tank and the medium.

The empty and full calibrations often confuse people, but the concept is simple. The empty calibration is the distance E between the reference point R and the minimum level. The full calibration is the distance F between the minimum and maximum level.

After you finish the setup, you can check the level, distance, and signal conditions. You can also do the envelope curve to confirm that your device is measuring the level and not interference. To eliminate the interference, you can use the mapping configuration.

Recording and saving envelope curves using FieldCare:

LevelFlex FMP5X mapping procedure:

In conclusion, that’s about it for fixing your Endress+Hauser FMP51 output signal!

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And you can see the market’s current level solutions here:

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