ROTAMASS Total Insight

Okay, let’s go ROTAMASS Total Insight…

Yeah, kinda hard to trust somebody with a dog in the hunt, right? I get it. I’m sure the rep wants to help you but has to keep the company in mind too. Hard on everybody.

Well, basically the Essential gives you the basics. If you have a simple, no-frills application with HART communication, then the Essential will take care of you. If you need more detailed diagnostics from your meter or access to special functions, then you should choose the Ultimate.

ROTAMASS Total Insight
Courtesy of Yokogawa

The Ultimate has features like batch function, dynamic pressure compensation, and inline concentration measurement. If you need any of those or if you have to use a protocol besides HART, again, you should go with the Ultimate. Obviously, the two devices have different price points, so you may want to factor that in as well. Good luck!

Coriolis on the market:

Product review ROTAMASS Total Insight: Yokogawa is launching a new Coriolis series, and we’re here to take a look and tell you what we think. Enjoy the read and draw your own conclusions about ROTAMASS Total Insight! Read more.

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