Expert’s answer: Devices on FOUNDATION Fieldbus network

Why am I having visions of clown cars? Weird. But the question was about devices on FOUNDATION Fieldbus network. So you want to squish as many gizmos as possible? Time for some numbers! Gotta know the max current of each gizmo, the length of the segment (voltage drops along the cable), and other stuff.

Then you do the Ohm’s law thing. The gizmo needs at least nine volts sent to the back end of the segment. Theoretically, the segment can power 32 devices that pull 10 milliamps each, but now it can only support 23 devices. Some users avoid current limiting couplers like itchy wool, and most would limit each segment to 16 devices to prevent large scale failures. What will you do?

Devices on FOUNDATION Fieldbus network
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