Expert’s answer: Type of flow measurement – PROMASS Q 300

If flexibility is what you need the Coriolis is probably the right choice for you! Flexibility however, does come at a price and a hefty one at that. Fear not, there may be a cheaper solution available. This of course depends on the type of information you are looking for. Across different vendors the Coriolis offers pretty much the same features. You can find a few that offer 1 or 2 more options like viscosity, but thats about it.


The PROMASS Q 300 follows suit. You will have a bunch of different measurement options that you can read through the device output

Frankly speaking, if you have a 4-20mA control system, you will limit the power of the device.  With a 4-20mA you can only have a 3 analog output. More also, you can set up the pulse, frequency or switch output. Of course, you will need a lot of cables and enough time to set up everything… So in this instance my recommendation is to use a digital protocol.

Finally, the Q 300 has a ton of measurement possibilities. For example, you can set up your flow meter to measure Mass flow, volume flow, corrected volume flow, density, temperature, and so on. Thats a lot of options, right? It is up to your and your team to find out which measurements makes the most sense for your application. Once you scale out a new flow meter you will be provided with both the calculated performance mass to flow measurement and volumetric flow.

You can find out how to scale out a new flow meter using the online tools from Endress+Hauser! Click around our blog to find more information on different flow meters as well as product comparisons.


Below you have a video about the Endress+Hauser’s flow portfolio:

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