Expert’s Answer: Flow Measurement Range for the Promag P 300

Good question, as with most magmeters, the Promag P 300 has a large measurement range.

First, one of the advantages of this magmeter is that the flow meter doesn’t create pressure loss during your installation. You actually don’t have a restriction when the fluid is passing through the flow meter. Further, the Promag P 300 has 3 different types of liners. You must be particular in choosing a liner that will have a chemical compatibility with your process. Be careful, the wrong liner can dramatically reduce the lifetime of your sensor.

The Promag P 300 has a flow measurement range from 4dm3/min to 9600 m3/h. Now you can see, that’s a decent sized flow measurement range! Am I right? Further, you have a nominal diameter from 1/2 to 24”. Once you scale out the flow meter based on your process information, you’re gonna have a better idea on what is the best size for your application.  When you are working with a new application you have to scale out the flow meter every time. Unfortunately, you can’t just select the flow meter based on the size of your pipe.

The Applicator

The folks from Endress+Hauser have an online solution to scale out the flow meter and other types of measurements, the applicator. It allows you to scale out the sensor based on the momentum and fluid. For example, if you don’t know the right principle for your application the applicator can help you with that as well. You can just fill out the fields asking for information about your process and the software is able to inform you of the possibilities for your application.

If you already know the type of principle and model you are pretty much set. First things first, you can fill in the fields with the process information and select the flow meter you want to scale out. Then the applicator will give you the performance information as well as the right size of the tube needed. The user experience using the application is not too shabby. For the most part, after only a couple times using the software, you’re gonna be familiar scaling out a new flow meter.


Below you have a video about the Endress+Hauser’s flow meters:

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