Expert’s answer: Do you really need FOUNDATION Fieldbus surge protection?

So, you want to know if FOUNDATION Fieldbus surge protection is a must or recommendation?

Let me ask you this:

How many people know what surge protection actually means? Show of hands. Oh wait, I can’t see you. Okay, never mind. Basically, surge protection keeps “transient over-voltages,” AKA stray electricity, in your system from frying your devices.

Surge protector

Now in a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network, the surge protector, like a tiny paladin, will shield your network and components against induced voltage, lightning strikes, and other charged situations.

Installation FOUNDATION Fieldbus surge protection

So the protector consists of a low-capacitance device installed at the electrical connection. Usually, it’s an open circuit on the spur and segment, so it shouldn’t drop the signal much. You should add protectors to your field devices and host H1 interface but not with current-limiting couplers.

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