Expert’s answer: FOUNDATION Fieldbus troubleshooting!

Whoa! I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that your situation fell out the back of the normal wagon. You either have a rustler on your ranch or too many cowboys on your range! By that I mean a structural problem on the network or too many devices on the segment. However, to settle your network’s hash, you better analyze your conditions and do some FOUNDATION Fieldbus troubleshooting.

Now, you have three ways to do that. You can do your advanced diagnostic through your integrated software, a portable segment checker, or an expert service.

You can have a Fieldbus hub with an advanced diagnostic module. This feature can check your field network conditions online and help avoid an unscheduled downtime. You may have to hold up a bank to pay for it though!

FOUNDATION Fieldbus troubleshooting
Field Network Verification – Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

If you’re counting your cattle, Handhelds make a good cheap solution. You also have the same high level of information as an online system, but you can carry it around with you. Extra bonus there.

Last but not least, you can call in the Pinkertons. Several companies offer a service where they send their experts to analyze your network and even fix ’em for ya. They’ll provide you a report about any problems found on your network and each solution to solve them. Keep them dogies movin’!

Want more information about FOUNDATION Fieldbus?

If you want to learn more about FOUNDATION Fieldbus we selected some websites and even an introductory course for you.

The introductory course

Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus – Introduction

We also rounded up a few companies for ya:

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