Expert’s answer: Gateway 1420 manual

Well, well, well, It is usually not too difficult to find documentation for Emerson’s devices. The gateway 1420 is a flexible wirelessHART gateway. You have the capability to manage up to 100 wirelessHART field devices. Furthermore, you have a wide range of protocols to integrate the wirelessHART Rosemount 1420 into the control system.

Rosemount 1420 Features

Let’s just give a quick recap on some of the most outstanding features in the Rosemount 1420. One pretty interesting feature is the Gateway already supports PoE power. It has a blitz of Ethernet protocol in the field. The gateway is able to be powered up through the Ethernet cable. Furthermore, you have the option to have an external antenna. Not to mention, a long list of the approvals necessary to implement this gateway in a different environment.

The new version of 1420’s firmware brings a design focused on the user experience. To emphasize, you have an uncluttered display to help you see the relevant information. On top of that, it doesn’t take much time to learn how to navigate the web server. Another relevant point to highlight is the online tools. You can even estimate the quantity that will fit in one gateway by selecting the update time. In any case, sometimes you need to scale out a wirelessHART network. This is the kind of tool facilitates the customer’s daily activities.


Here you can download the smart wireless gateway 1420 manual. The operation is simple. I’m confident you won’t have problems finding the answers to your questions in the manual.

In conclusion, there is another gateway available for small networks, the wireless 1410. The first gateway version supports up to 25 devices. In comparison the B version supports up to 100 different devices. The main difference is the compact shape of the device and the lack of approvals. You will also need to install a remote antenna externally in most cases when using this panel.

Below you have a video with more information about the wireless 1420 from Emerson Automation solutions:


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