Expert’s answer: HART flow device configuration with handheld

So, can’t figure out your HART flow device configuration with your handheld? Au contraire, mon frere (ou ma soeur, mais oui)! That’s “Oh no, bro (or sis, of course)!” for you non-Frenchies out there. If you’re trying to configure an Endress+Hauser device using an Emerson 475 field communicator, it should be no problem – Emerson and Endress+Hauser should play together just fine. I’ll bet you need to add the Device Description (DD) from the new device to your database. With general access, you can’t see all your functions. For full access, you’ll need to upgrade your communicator. That’s it – easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Check the handheld’s license. It should have a clicky bit where you follow a step-by-step for an upgrade. Voila! (“Tada!”) Full access is yours! Or should be. If not, poke Endress+Hauser’s support team for the DD file and add it to your 475 and your database. Et voila encore! (“And tada again!” French lessons for free!)

Where can you find other solutions to your HART flow device configuration?

Need other solutions to configure your HART flow device with a handheld? No worries, we’ve listed some links to get you started.

The market has a bunch of options. Here, take a peek:

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