Expert’s answer: HART multiplexer interface

Sure thing! The HART multiplexer interface will help your field devices communicate with your maintenance station. Okay, bye! Just kidding. I can tell you a little more about it.

Say you want to use a plant asset management (PAM) system in your company. Sadly, you have an analog control system that you can’t upgrade or change the cards on.

HART multiplexer interface
Courtesy of FieldComm Group

Make way for the multiplexer! You can use it to connect the field devices with your workstation, allowing you remote access and condition monitoring of your devices.

Once upon a time, I found myself fighting with a messed-up multiplexer. For some reason, it kept throwing variations into the control system signals. We managed to fix it, but it did wind up costing more money. Installing a signal barrier after the multiplexer killed the variance and allowed the analog output to travel on its merry way!

You usually won’t encounter problems like that, though. In general, a multiplexer can help in a remote monitoring system. However, today you have cheaper and simpler options than a multiplexer, so do some shopping first!

Want more information? If so, these guys offer multiplexers if you want one:

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