Expert’s answer: HART over PROFIBUS

Actually, you can use HART over PROFIBUS. This type of application will need the PROFIBUS DP, a remote IO, to connect to your HART device. You also need a HART 6 or higher.

You’ll have a connection to the control system and the Device Type Manager (DTM) to access the device remotely. Also, the device can transfer data through the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary HART values.

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I’d like to know if a converter or a gateway can connect a HART device in an FF network without data loss from the field devices, or if we should stay with a HART over PROFIBUS remote IO. Could you explain?

Difference between HART and fieldbuses
Is there any difference between a HART and other fieldbuses? I mean, if I have a HART network, will I receive less information than if I used, for example, a FOUNDATION Fieldbus device?

Both FF and HART can provide field data to the marshalling cabinet. Which is more reliable for the oil and gas industry?

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