There’s no difference whatsoever between a HART and SMART device! My work here is done. Just kidding.

People often compare a HART device to a FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS device, which is a little unfair, if you ask me. HART provides intelligent device management (IDM), but the control system just reads the device’s output. Now FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS also provide IDM, but the system reads the diagnostics and process values directly.

HART and SMART devices in action

It’s like asking two mechanics what’s wrong with your car. One says, “Brakes.” The other says, “You have 5 millimeters left on your front disc pads, so you should replace them.” Yeah, the first guy is terse, but he’ll get the job done. Get the picture?

HART communication HART and SMART
Example of multiplexer installation

You can find a bunch of solutions that’ll catch the data from the HART field devices. Of course, you gotta keep an eye on the wallet.

A wireless setup can do the job for fewer bucks than an old-schooler like a multiplexer. In some cases, you can replace old analog cards with new HART cards. Go fish! Either way, you’ll reap the same benefits. You need to pick the option that’ll be easiest and cheapest for you.

Wireless adapter
Example of wirelessHART network with wirelessHART adapters

Make sure you ask the tough questions! Will your system take an upgrade? Can the plant plod into the 21st century with digital communication? Stuff like that.

If you would like to know more about HART multiplexers, check out our article on why you need a HART multiplexer interface.

Wireless and HART and SMART solutions

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If you have more questions about HART and SMART devices, contact us and our experts will help!

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