Expert’s answer: HARTs and BRAINs for ROTAMASS Total Insight

Let’s go, ROTAMASS Total Insight!

Cake and pie, comrade! (Piece of cake/easy as pie. I stole it from someone else, but you can use it too.) Go out to the ROTAMASS Total Insifht and have a squint at your device. If it has a local display, then you can change the configuration there. Like I said, cake and pie!

Now, if you really want to do it through your handheld, you got other hoops to hop. First you should check your handheld for a HART or a BRAIN. Some Yokogawa devices have their own protocol, called BRAIN. If you have one of those, you’ll need the Yokogawa field configurator thingie!

Rotamass total insight
RotaMASS flow meter – Courtesy of Yokogawa

On the other hand, if you have a HART device and you still can’t access what you need, you may lack the device description (DD) in your database. The DD gives you the keys to the kingdom – or at least access to all your field device configurations.

If you keep running into access roadblocks, then your handheld needs the DD file. The manufacturer may have it on the company site. If not, get a sales rep to hook you up and you’re gold!

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