Expert’s answer: High turndown flow meter

Need a high turndown flow meter? Oh, that’s a tough one, because for the total turndown, most flow meters will fall a little short. So you’ll need to compare devices to find your meter.

To answer your question, I simulated your conditions using the scale-out platform online. And for your entire range, you should look into a  Coriolis. It’ll keep accurate low-flow values and has a pretty easy setup.  Of course, you need to check your pressure drop, tube material, and other details to make sure.

If you don’t need a total flow measurement, you can find a broad range of flow meters. I simulated a magmeter under the same conditions, and if the product has the right conductivity, the meter will start measuring at 0.8 liter per minute. It’ll lack accuracy that low, but beyond one liter per minute, the meter should start reading with enough accuracy for your use.

Take a look at these manufacturers for options:

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