Expert’s answer :How to set up a Micro Motion 2700 FOUNDATION Fieldbus through the display

Hoo boy. You won’t have all the data available through the display. First, you need to take a look at Chapter 4 of the technical manual.

It has a table of the type of data you can access through a FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF) handheld, PROLINK II, or local display. And you’ll see you won’t get to the entire configuration, just the basics.

Here’s the entire table, where you can see clearly what you can do using each of the options.

Configuration map Micro Motion 2700
Configuration map for Micro Motion 2700

In this case, I recommend you get a field communicator to change the configuration.

If the device is already communicating through the FF network, then you can change these parameters remotely through the control system. Still, you really should get a field tool to check your devices out.

If you decide to shop for a handheld, we have a bunch of product reviews here. So they may help you pick one that suits your daily tasks and your budget.

Last but not least, you should study Appendix 4 of the manual. It has more about the display and a list of abbreviations that might help you.

You can download the technical manual here.

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