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Okay, you have three easy ways to set up the OTIBAR P 3050 C. You can do it with or without a display or with a HART handheld.

Let’s dive into the details of each of these!

Without display

Nothing but zero and span here. You’ll need to open the OTIBAR P 3050 C housing cover for access. There you’ll see a zero/span push button. To set up the zero (four milliamps), you should have a stable and accurate pressure in the device. When you have that, then hold the button and release it between 0.5 and 2 seconds.

OTIBAR P 3050 C case

The span follows a similar procedure. With a stable and accurate pressure applied to the OTIBAR P 3050 C, you press the button for at least 5 seconds, releasing within 10 seconds.

With display

If your OPTIBAR P 3050 C has a built-in display, then you can use it to set up the device. It has four buttons, each with its function showing on the display right above the button. Take a look at this graphic to see what I mean:

OTIBAR P 3050 C display

Once you have access to the main menu, go to “config device” for the main setup. You’ll need process data such as measuring span unit, PV offset, loop current, and process variable unit.

Later, you can set up how the screen shows the data, check for diagnostics, and write down the tag identification.

Digital protocol

If you have a handheld like the AMS Trex or GE Genii, then check it for the device description (DD) for your device. If it’s not already installed in the database, then download it from here.

When you have the handheld ready, then you’ll go through steps similar to the display set up. No secrets here.

Here’s the manual if you need it:

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