Expert’s answer: Hybrid level measurement!

Hybrids! And we ain’t talking cars here. Yeah, certain applications need hybrid level transmitters, like the FMP55, for hybrid level measurement. That device gives you a combo of guided radar and capacitive level transmitter. Buy one, get one free, and everybody loves BOGOs!

Hybrid level measurement
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Usually you’ll need hybrid level transmitters for interface level measurements, when you have two different products and you’d like to know the level of each product. Of course, you have a variety of ways to get those numbers. However, most of them are complicated.

For example, you can do an interface level measurement by estimate. If you have a level transmitter measuring one layer, then you can estimate the other. Yeah, you can do it that way, but you’ll lose accuracy. The hybrid transmitter gives you an easy and accurate way to do it. Win win!

Hybrid level transmitters on the market:

Below you have a list of guided radars on the market:

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