Expert’s answer: If my digital manometer battery is dying, will I get bad measurements?

I’ve never thought about that! But you’re right, battery life can make a big difference with a digital or wireless product. Wireless products have already crossed the decade mark and become more widespread every year. These product provide more than your measurements; you can get diagnostics and all kinds of information from them.

wireless manometer
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But let’s talk about a critical data point, your battery status. Smart devices can send you warnings before the battery dies, so you can plan your fix before your process starts losing measurements. On top of that, the device will still work correctly, even with a low-battery warning. So your accuracy won’t suffer.

If you want to go for a digital manometer or any other wireless product, then you still need to monitor the battery status. These devices only make it easier – they won’t change your battery for you. Of course, some batteries today will give you nearly a decade of juice, depending on your update times and whatnot. So make sure you know how long your battery will last and be ready to change it when it dies!

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