Installation Micro Motion 5700

Hi there. This is a common question, and easiest to answer, the installation Micro Motion 5700!

Installation Micro Motion 5700
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

The Micro Motion doesn’t need a straight pipe before and after the flow meter, but while using the flow meter, you should pay attention to several points. Below you have a list of points which you need to know before you install a Coriolis flow meter:

  • The Micro Motion doesn’t require a specific straight pipe before and after it, which is good news.
  • The installation in vertical pipe with the flow going up is the best type of installation for the most flow meters.
  • If you have bubbly product or gas in a horizontal installation, the head up position is required.
  • If you have solids in the fluid in a horizontal installation, the head down position is the best way of installation.
  • Never install the measurement tube with a head at side.

You can find more information about Coriolis application here. Hope it was helpful and you’ll have a smooth Coriolis installation!

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