Expert’s answer: Scheduling replacement for critical instruments and plant asset management

Plant asset management (PAM) will definitely give you more control over your replacement schedule. Vendors often have recommendations for the spare parts, calibration, and verification of your devices. Here we’ll make some suggestions, too.


First, have a consultant review your system, if you’re not sure which devices are most critical for your plant. Usually, the consultant starts by listing all your instrumentation and plant components. Then your specialist meets with your managers to record the criticality of each device. After that, you should have a complete report of your components in all areas, organized by criticality.

Next, set your devices into a PAM platform to bring your diagnostics online. When you connect everything in a PAM platform, you’ll merge all your criticality data with your diagnostics. This will support better decision-making. The platform will also help the maintenance team manage spare parts for the most critical devices in the plant. Thus, you’ll get faster problem-solving. You can create a PAM platform in many ways, but your best setup will hinge on the communication in your plant.

PAM Replacing field critical instruments

Now you should install a device with online verification to ensure that all components are working according to spec. Usually when a company wants to develop the concept of predictive maintenance, it’ll assign an engineer or technician to the PAM system. Basically, the tech will verify the system daily and create maintenance orders according to the data in the diagnostics.

Plant Asset Management

Today you have many ways to set up and maintain your PAM system. Protip: look into SMART tags. Companies that offer radio-frequency identification tags can send device data straight to your smartphone. Also, some devices have labels you can scan with a simple app, connecting you with a cloud database.


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