So, you need to learn how to do level calculation for a pressure transmitter with capillary? Here’s what you need to know.

Level calculation never changes on a differential pressure transmitter; once you understand the equation, you can do any other range calculation. Now, there are several types of DP pressure installations to level measurement; I’ll give you a step by step based on your problem.

Level calculation for pressure transmitter with capillary
Example sent by the customer

Level at 0%

  • HP – LP
  • (Height H side x Capillary density) – (Height L side x Capillary)
  • (1000 x 1.02) – (6000 x 1.02)
  • 1020 – 6120
  • DP0% = – 5100 mmWC

Level at 100%

Also, it is important to understand the composition of a differential pressure transmitter. It is composed of a sensing cell (pressure sensor) and a transmitter. The cell has two pressure chambers separated by a diaphragm.

We call one chamber the high-pressure side and the other the low-pressure side, but we don’t have to take that literally. It just tells us the direction of the impact that pressure will have on the output signal.

To know more about level calculation for pressure transmitter, please ask our engineers!

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