Level transmitter calibration can be tricky, but luckily it’s also unnecessary most of the time. You rarely need to calibrate level transmitters in the field. When the companies build these devices, they use a verification doohickey or calibration whatsit to fake various distances and conditions. This way, they see how the device behaves and if it reads the distances and conditions correctly. Good device!

Vega radar - Level transmitter calibration
Radar level measurement – Copyright VEGA

Story time! Once I had a customer insist that all his field devices needed calibration. I was very good; I didn’t roll my eyes or huff in exasperation as I explained that he didn’t need to do it because the lovely company did it for him. No dice. He wanted calibration. We found him a calibrated electronic measuring tape to compare with the radar in the workshop, he played with that for a while, and everybody went home happy. The end!

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