Expert’s answer: Low cost data acquisition for pressure and temperature

Yup, there are tons of solutions if you want low cost data acquisition for pressure and temperature. Now, most of them only have analog input and loop power for two-wire devices. But generally, analog should suffice just fine. However, you also have devices in the same price range that include HART input.

Low cost data acquisition for pressure and temperature
Field Data Acquisition – Courtesy of NOVUS

So how does HART benefit you? If you choose a system with HART input, then you’ll have access to remote configuration and diagnostics. Fortunately, this small investment can prevent future problems. Plus, it reduces time spent on unnecessary field activity.

Finally, you should choose a protocol to integrate your field devices into your system. Usually, the solutions use Modbus TCP/IP or RS485. However, you can also find systems with digital communication. These are systems like EtherNet-IP, Profinet, and others.

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