Expert’s answer: Magmeter for slurry!

Woohoo, controversial topic – magmeter for slurry!! Get yer popcorn, people! Yeah, so the “right” liner depends on – wait for it – the company you buy from! Yeah, the vendors don’t agree. Don’t worry, though. I got your back on this! Well, at least part of it.

Okay, so when we talk about magmeters for slurry, we need to talk about solids and speed! By that I mean you need to know what kind of solids you have in the flow and how much, plus how fast it all goes in your process.

Magmeter for slurry!
Magmeter – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Why do those factors matter? Because the magmeter needs to run above one foot per second, to avoid clogging the pipe with solids. Yet it also needs to stay below three feet per second, to avoid heavy abrasion that’ll decrease the life of your flow meter. Nobody likes chafing.

Usually, companies use ceramic or natural rubber for slurry applications. You’ll find much lively discussion online and off about the durability of each solution. Of course, you can also find people who’ll argue for different liners altogether. Life is like a box of chocolates! You can’t eat just one! Hmmm. That one went off the rails, and I’m not sure how.

Even better, external flow measurement, like the CIDRA, has begun to rise in popularity. Keep your magmeter out of the slurry to keep it happy! Of course, it costs more than a traditional flow meter, because yeah.

SONARtrac® Flow Measurement – Courtesy of CIDRA

Anyway, you can scale out each flow meter to find the best for your mine. Some companies even offer nifty online tools, where you can plug in your specs and they’ll spit out their recs. So poke around and see what you find!

Free online tools:

Want more information? If so, these companies offer slurry meters:

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