Expert Answer: Manual Presys MCS-XV

Thanks for bringing this up. I experienced the same problem! I also went to the MCS-XV website to find out more about the product. Aside from it being difficult to find the manual, the website is pretty nice. You have an interactive page where you can click on the device parts and get a bit more information. There is also a specifications table where you can learn more about the inputs and outputs that are available.

Let’s Find that Manual!

If you wanna get your eyes on the technical manual you will have to get it the through Presys Corp website. First you will have to search for it in the MCS-XV in the products section. Tip: it is in the metrology tab. Once you get there, there is a small gear picture on the right with “Manual” written on the bottom of it. This is where you access the technical manual.

Not very intuitive, right?

When you click on the link to the manual you don’t get access to it straight away. You will still have to sign-up to the Persys website to be able to download it or even just view it. Not very handy if you are on-field looking for the technical manual…

Nevertheless, after registering to the Persys website you will be able to download and read through the technical manual. Phew, finally! I personally think that these documents should be available to the public even without a Persys account since sometimes you just need quick access to look up a specific issue you are having. Might be something to consider Persys crew!

Direct Link

Anyway, the direct link for the MCS-XV technical manual is here. You can just access it and save yourself some time and effort. You might still need to register though.

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