Expert’s answer: Manual for PROMASS Q 300

Hey there! I feel your pain. The Endress+Hauser website could definitely deliver a better user experience with just a little work. But don’t worry, someone will figure it out and fix that site or put up a new one. For now, you can come to Visaya. We’ll have answers and files for you.

For those of you not familiar with the device in question, the PROMASS Q 300 has some good features that could add value to your process. If you have a liquid with entrained gas, then this device can optimize performance using its Multi-Frequency Technology (MFT).

Like most Coriolis flow meters on the market, it can also measure flow, density, and temperature. Furthermore, it comes with advanced diagnostics to inform you of the health of your sensor online! The company calls this feature Heartbeat Technology, and we have a couple of Q&As on it, if you want to learn more.

But before we get to the manual, a question! Are you sure you need the PROMASS Q 300? Because Endress+Hauser has other devices that can provide similar performance for less money. I suggest you scale out the PROMASS Q 300 using your process variable, then compare the results against devices such as PROMASS E, PROMASS F, or PROMASS Q 500.

Not sure which does what? Okay, I’ll go over the 300 and the 500 to give you an idea of what kind of differences you can get. The 300 is a compact transmitter connected directly to the sensor. On the other hand, the 500 gives you a limited cable length to allow you to install the transmitter in a different place. Get the picture?


To get you started, I’ll give you the links to the 300. This first one is the technical manual. (The site calls it the technical information, just to make things confusing.) Here you’ll find basic information about the flow meter that should tell you if the 300 will work for you. So click the link and download.

And here you have the operating instructions, where you get details on how to install and set up the meter, so you know what sort of structure you’ll need before you buy it. That set gives you the instructions if you have HART for your protocol. Let me know if you use something else, and we’ll see what we can find for you!

And here is a video about Endress+Hauser’s flow meters:

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