The best way for measuring boiler blowdown water? Let’s see if we can sort out this challenge. If you have non-conductive water, then you can apply an electromagnetic flow meter An ultrasonic flow meter will present errors in the measurement, because of the transition between water and steam.

Ideally, you should install the flow meter far from the boiler, but you may wind up with a partially filled pipe. To keep the pipe filled with product, you’ll need specific types of installation, like the one you see below.

Partially filled pipe solution for measuring boiler blowdown water
Partially filled pipe solution

Vortex flow meters will work very well in this application and could be a good choice. But before you choose your device, make sure you have all the process data you need to guarantee the best performance during the flow measurement.

Hope that answered your question on measuring boiler blowdown water!

And, have some vortex flow meters:

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