Expert’s answer: Measuring wet conditions

A probe for measuring wet conditions? The answer is simpler than you think. Here’s a hint: Consider the requirements needed for thermal flow meters. Give up? If the humidity of your process causes errors in your temperature monitoring system, then change the sensor orientation.

When you install the sensor head up, the water will run through the sensor and stop at the edge, giving you bad values. However, if you install the sensor head down, then the water will run the other way and give you better readings.

Measuring wet conditions
Temperature Transmitter – Courtesy of Honeywell

Thus, a small change can have a big effect on your process. However, you do have another option. You could replace your current sensor for a humidity + temperature sensor. While this kind of sensor would support your process best, you’d need to invest a little more. Food for thought.

Temperature transmitters:

Humidity+temperature sensors:

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