Expert’s answer: Millivoltage for Type K thermocouple?

So you want to know how you can find the millivoltage for the temperature in a type K thermocouple sensor?  This one’s easy. Google “thermocouple reference tables type K” and click on any of the first few PDFs. Now, the column on the left (or sometimes on both sides) has temperatures in multiples of 10, with a row across the top numbered 0 to 10 (and sometimes -10 to -1).

Let’s say you want to know the millivoltage for 25 degrees Celsius. Find the number 20 in the outside column, then the 5 in the top row. Going down from the 5 to the 20 line, you’ll see the answer, 1.000 millivolts. Give it a try with the temperatures you need!

Where can you get more information about Type K thermocouple sensors?

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