Expert’s answer: Multi-input temperature field converter

Tall order! So you want a multi-input temperature field converter that you can carry out to the field to verify your sensors. The market offers many thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors (RTD). You’ll need a signal converter to read your process values and convert to 4-20 mA.

Multi-input temperature field converter
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Now remember that most converters don’t have their own power supplies, so you’ll need a power source as well. I found only one option that provided its own battery.

That said, your simplest solution has you going in the field, collecting all the temp data, and calculating the output on a spreadsheet. On the other hand, the best solution has you upgrading your system to digital communication. It’ll cost more, but it’ll save you time and hassle in the field.

Want more suggestions? If so, here you can find a list of converters:

You can also install wireless adapters to catch all your data and send it straight to you.

And these companies have options:

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