Expert’s answer: Multipoint temperature measurement

OK, so you need help getting multipoint temperature measurement. More specifically, you need it for a project to measure 36 temperature points, but with only 5 HART inputs in your PLC.

Mmm, complex. I like it. Okay, all HART devices work in multidrop installations, and you can have up to 15 devices on the same network. My math says you’d need three networks (15+15+6) to cover all your temperature points, right?

But wait! The Endress+Hauser TMT82 has an option to support two sensors in one transmitter! With the TMT82, you only need two networks. That trims your device count to 18, cutting your costs in half using only 2 HART inputs.

You could also use the TMT82 with a wireless solution. This combination can save you up to 40 percent and provide more information faster than traditional installations. Try it and see!

Where can you get other multipoint temperature measurement solutions?

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Temperature transmitters:

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