Expert’s answer: Which natural gas flow application should you choose?

A gas flow application is not complex. That said, something that you have to keep in mind when choosing one for an energy monitoring system is the accuracy of the solution.

On the one hand, you can save money depending on the protocol and structure you would like to implement. But on the other hand, the flow meter is a crucial part. You’ll need to opt for most accuracy to measure real consumption of your process.

Natural gas flow application
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The best alternative here is to implement a Coriolis flow meter in your application. The Coriolis will bring you a lot of advantages related to the installation and a high level of accuracy. The negative side is that the Coriolis is one the more expensive side. In that case, your budget might be a deciding factor when deciding whether to use a Coriolis or if you need to choose a different principle of measurement.

Natural gas flow application
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The second option, apart from a natural gas flow application, is to use a Thermal flow meter. The flow meter is in similarity to the Coriolis flow meter a mass flow meter and it’s a standard solution in an energy monitoring system. The accuracy won’t be the same as that of the Coriolis flow meter. However, the cost of implementation will be less than if you opt for a Coriolis.

When you’ve installed your preferred choice, you can save money implementing the energy monitoring solution by wireless communication. My personal opinion is that the wireless solution attends the application giving you the relevant information and more details than a traditional communication.

Below you have an option of Coriolis flow meter on the market:

These are the Thermal flow meter on the market:

Last but not least the wireless solutions:

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