Natural gas flow applications are not particularly complex but accurate flow measurement is a crucial part. A natural gas flow meter should be straightforward to install and provide reliably accurate measurements. The article explains how can we choose the suitable natural gas flow meter

The best natural gas flow meter types

Coriolis natural gas flow meter

Our recommendation and the industry standard is a Coriolis natural gas flow meter. The Coriolis is relatively easy to install and provides a high level of accuracy. Coriolis is one of the more expensive flow meters. Though in most cases the advantages outweigh the disadvantages on the long term, if your budget is a limiting factor, we might have to opt for a different measuring principle.

Coriolis natural gas flow meter installation

The Coriolis natural gas flow meter doesn’t need inlet or outlet run, which puts the Coriolis above the rest. We can install it vertically or horizontally, but when you mount it vertically, the fluid should go up. If you mount it horizontally and the temperature is high, install it head down. Otherwise put it in head up.

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Thermal natural gas flow meter

The second best – and more economical – option is a thermal natural gas flow meter. This type of flow meter is, much like the Coriolis, a mass flow meter and is also considered a standard solution in energy monitoring systems.

The accuracy is slightly below that of a Coriolis natural gas flow meter. However, the cost of implementation of a thermal natural gas flow meter is significantly lower.


To know more about energy monitoring, you can read the Visaya Article on Energy Management Systems

Vortex natural gas flow meter

We can definitely opt for a vortex natural gas flow meter, but it won’t provide the best accuracy for most processes. We’ll also need a pressure sensor/transmitter to measure mass flow.

Conclusively, without knowing the details of the process, we usually recommend a Coriolis natural gas flow meter or a thermal natural gas flow meter.

Wireless implementation for a natural gas flow meter

After installing your preferred natural gas flow meter, you can save a significant amount of money by implementing the energy monitoring solution by wireless communication. Though industry-wide adoption is slow, I personally favor a wireless solution. Wireless measurements work just as well as traditional communication solutions and often provide more details. If you would like to know more about the technical details, check out our article on wireless communication protocols.

To know more about natural gas flow meter, you can get in touch with our engineers and we will be happy to help.

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