Expert’s answer: How to connect one temperature sensor and two transmitters?

So, you want to connect one temperature sensor and two transmitters. Unfortunately, adding a transducer to your resistance temperature detector will reduce the correct resistance for both transmitters. If your current transducer provides 4 to 20 milliamps, you can install a process indicator remotely to check the values. Better yet, install a transducer with HART communication and remote display for the values and device status.

Remote Display One temperature sensor and two transmitters
Remote display

The installation of the HART display will work as a secondary master. If you need a field communicator, you’ll usually have a handheld as a primary master. Also, the display can be a primary master, depending on your need.

The market has many such options. Here are a few:

Wireless solutions can help here, because you won’t need to invest in cables and structure to receive your data. As soon as you have the field device and the gateway set up, your control system can easily pull the values. Wireless also receives the diagnostics from your field device, and you can even set up the device remotely.

Hope this answered your question on connecting one temperature sensor and two transmitters!

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