Expert’s answer: OPTIWAVE 7300 C (Krohne) doesn’t accept changes!

There are different reasons for why your OPTIWAVE 7300 C is not accepting the new configuration. You need to check the all the possibilities before considering a real electronic problem.

First of all, you need to check if the software or handheld that you are using to set up the level transmitter have the correct device description (DD). If you don’t have the right device description you won’t have access to the whole tree of configuration.

Courtesy of KROHNE

Second,  check if the OPTIWAVE 7300 C is protected from changes to the configuration. Many devices on the market offer the option to protect the configuration through a password or by using a write protection switch (DIP-Switch).

Is your device still not accepting the new configuration after you’ve verified the last point?  You might be dealing with a real electronic problem. I had experience with the same problem with a different device.

What happened was that I set up the device and on the software was okay, but the device was not accepting the new configuration. The solution? Just change the old electronic and the problem is solved.

Check the diagnostic using the handheld or through the local display. Maybe you’ll already notice an indication of a problem. In that case, the information can guide you how to solve the problem.

Below you have a list of radar on the market:

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