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Thanks for your question and the details of your process, Palm oil flow measurement sounds super interesting. Using your data, we can get you started on scaling out a flow meter using some online tools. So let’s figure out some options.

You can find many tools online; I have an article explaining how to scale out a flow meter using Endress+Hauser’s tool, the Applicator, although admittedly I didn’t have Palm oil flow measurement in mind when I wrote it. Emerson and other vendors provide their own as well. Today we’ll use Endress+Hauser’s Applicator. It already has palm oil in the database, but if necessary, you can edit your product in.

As soon as you select the product, you get the options to measure it. So I took the Proline Promass E 100 and added the specs you included. However, I didn’t have the temperature and the pressure so I cant duplicate your Palm oil flow measurement scenario by 100%.

Palm oil flow measurement scaling out
Courtesy of Endress + Hauser

Based on your data, the Applicator recommended three inches and gave an accuracy of +- 0.15 percent. You also need to consider the pressure loss, which in this case looks low, but you should run it again with the pressure of your process.

The Applicator lets you compare measuring principles too. In this graphic, you can see where you can review three principles and also different meter sizes.

Palm oil flow measurement possible sensors
Courtesy of Endress + Hauser

As you can see, you could use an ultrasonic flow meter. It gives you less accuracy than the Coriolis, but its pressure loss is almost zero and it costs less than a Coriolis.

We also checked the Promass F 100 with its accuracy of +-o.1 percent. Here you can see the results using Emerson’s Toolkit.

Palm oil flow measurement calculation summary
Courtesy of Emerson

You can use a Coriolis for more accuracy, but you can also use an ultrasonic  (accuracy +-3 percent) or even a thermal for liquids.

Hope those options help you choose the right instrument for your Palm oil flow measurement application.

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