Expert’s answer: PAM device information and management

What can we do to help this person out? PAM device information and management can be a tricky business. Well, we can start by sorting out the alphabet soup so everybody’s on the same page!


Plant Asset Management stands for plant asset management, which takes care of all the devices in a company’s process. EDDL, Electronic Device Description Language, represents digital device information, usually in text files. And DTM means Device Type Manager, a type of software that obviously helps manage devices. As open standard technology, EDDL and DTM offer seamless integration, no matter the brand and system.

If you have a FOUNDATION Fieldbus application, you need the EDDL for any host. You’ll find yourself in the same situation with a Plant Asset Management system when you go to set up the field devices.

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However, if you have a complex application, consider the DTM. It can support a valve diagnostic, for example. The EDDL will need a “snap-on,” so DTM technology will provide smoother implementation and more data.

In my opinion, you’ll get more from DTM than EDDL, although you’ll need a Windows operating system to install it. Check them both out and see what you think!


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