Expert’s answer: Pharmaceutical plant asset management

Hey hey! Pharmaceutical plant asset management, eh? Let’s get to know PAM and see if she can help you with your drug problem! Now now, don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’m just teasing. We can totally help. Check it out!

You want condition monitoring? We got condition monitoring. One word: wireless. You can revamp your 4-20 (420! Get it? Okay, okay…) mA system like Boom! Pow! with wireless, because you don’t need to change a thing on the physical setup. The wireless adapter can go parallel or series with your transmitter, no fuss, no muss, directly in your field device. And best of all, it saves dough, bro. Yeah, just like that.

Now, if you treat her right, get her nice and comfy in your pharma plant, PAM will pull your field data, analyze those diagnostics, and send you all the important stuff you need to catch problems before they get bigger. Keep in mind, though, some of your gang may have problems with her in the lead. So check your devices and make sure they know who’s in charge.

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