Expert’s answer: How to power up a Foundation Fieldbus device with AMS Trex communicator?

So here’s the thing, we didn’t see any content from Emerson Automation Solutions showing the procedures. We honestly couldn’t find any information specifically telling you how to connect the AMS Trex communicator in a Foundation Fieldbus network. Same goes for telling you how to power up an FF device. Don’t worry! We are here to read through the technical manuals and provide you with an answer.

Let’s Get Started!

While working with the Foundation Fieldbus you will follow the same criteria as the HART communication. With the basic module you can connect the AMS Trex in a Fieldbus network. However, if you have the complete module, you can also power up one device using the AMS Trex communicator.

Powering Up an FF Device

When you need to power up an FF device, you have to connect it to the Foundation Fieldbus Power plug. The next step is to connect the plug into the two red options in the FF options on the module. Furthermore, you are gonna want to connect the cable in the module as well as in the FF device. As soon as you make the proper connections between the AMS Trex and the FF device, click on the Field Communicator icon on the home screen.

The AMS Trex communicator will identify if you have a power supply or not. As soon as you select the option to power up the device, the Trex will establish communication with the field device. The procedure overall is relatively simple. Thankfully, you have a good user interface to follow through the steps.

One last little point on the FF communication for when you need to connect the trex in a Foundation Fieldbus network. The AMS Trex will drip 12 mA in the current. It is important that your network is scaled out to support this. Otherwise, you can have problems with the network.


Below you will find a video with more details about the AMS Trex Communicator:


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