Expert’s answer: Pressure process accuracy

A lot of companies guarantee pressure process accuracy for five or more years, but it all depends on sticking to their standards. A lot of factors can affect a process result, like device compatibility, installation, configuration, and more. The companies will do what they can to instruct you on the best setup, but you have to follow their rules to get the best results.

Now, to find your process accuracy, you can often look in the manual. If nothing else, the manual should at least have contact details for the manufacturer. Then you can call or email the company and ask a rep for that info. Below you can see a page from a manual where you can calculate real accuracy.

Pressure process accuracy calculation
Example from manual for Emerson 3051 – Courtesy of Emerson Process Automations

You can also calculate the accuracy of Bourdon tubes and similar devices. However, keep in mind that these devices tend toward more errors than electronic manometers or pressure transmitters.

These companies offer pressure transmitters:

And you can find traditional solutions here:

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