Expert’s answer: Pressure transmitter level calculation

Pressure transmitter level calculation, eh? For this application, use a differential pressure transmitter. Install the transmitter at the tank bottom with the high-pressure side connected to the tank and the low-pressure side open to the atmosphere. Whenever you have a tank open to the atmosphere that needs level measurement based on pressure, use this installation.

Pressure transmitter level calculation
Pressure device measuring level (copyright Endress+Hauser)

Now, you need to find the range. Regardless of the brand, you’ll use the same equation. You need to know the height and the product density to make the calculation.

Level measurement
Example of level measurement

Process information

  • height = 10 meters
  • density = 0.859

 Conversion (mmWC = millimeters per water column)

DP 0% = height x density = 0 mm x 0 density = 0 mmWC

DP 100% = height x density = 10000 x 0.859 = 8590 mmWC

The range of your differential pressure transmitter will be from 0 to 8590 mmWC. You can convert to a different unit if you prefer.

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